A Bad Session


Just like a bad date, after a bad BDSM session ends, you might feel weird and confused. Maybe the submissive was not able reach any of the aims designated by the dominant or the dominant was not able do what she/he wanted do. Whatever happened, the session did not go as planned. Both of the sides might feel bad in the end of the session and do not know what to do. It might happen.

In first step, you cannot fix the problem until you find what went wrong. So as to help to understand what happened, after a bad session, maybe in one or two days sit down together. This meeting should occur somewhere other than the bedroom and you should meet when both of you are calm. You should discuss what went wrong in your point of views. Both of the sides should not be menacing as much as possible. If you think that it is not that possible, it can be wiser both sides to write what went wrong for them and e-mail them each other. Another thing that you should consider is that you should not list every wrong thing. Do not write everything you thought, make tiny distinctions.

After specifying the things which went wrong, it is time to learn how to avoid from those issues in the future. It requires to be more dilignet in planing your sessions beforehand. On striving to overcome an issue, planning is very important. Settle down, talk about your next session, talk about what it is to be and it’s aims.

Of course, you should be realistic. Even the best BDSM relationships has problems from time to time. One might be tired or stressed or one can make a mistake unintentionally. Instead of emphasizing the wrong steps, strive the next session to go as planned.

The good news, after reviewing the problems and making your plan accurately, in your next sessions there will be no important problems in 99% of them or at least there will be no more problems than the other relationships.

The only real problem happens when you do not solve the problem in the beginning. Address the problem, chat with the problem, make a plan to avoid the mistakes in the future.



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