Does a submissive deserve to be happy?


You may wonder what you should do so as to have the submissive under control. Actually, you should not touch anyone without finding answers to this question but anyway. I can give some hints about dominant-submissive relationships.

Happiness differs from person to person, it is obvious. You should name the things which makes both of you happy being in this relationship. Try to include these in your verbal and written agreement. Even this may allow you to potray happiness.

Of course, needs and desires of change over time. This is the reason why the agreement or the conditions are updated. A submissive wants something and then gets it,yet, later she may realize that it does not feel as good as she imagined. So the dominant should detect what makes his submissive happy over time and should not forget it.

What is interesting about BDSM training is that many new BDSM fanciers assume directly that the training will be frightening, which is not true, stop being biased. Many submissives desire to be trained to become full time submissives and due to that, the training does not only consists of the desires and fantasies but also some activities that would push their limits. It is not always easy and exciting. According to the perspective of the dominant, the training is a tool to create the submissive that they want to control. Yet, if the submissive is not happy with the training that she gets, she will not feel confident in the submissive role and will not be happy. Consaquently, an unhappy submissive or a submissive who has a dominant who is not able to make her happy becomes a unmotivated submissive to become a better submissive.

Yes indeed, the submissive deserves many things in a dominant-submissive relationship but that does not mean everything will be perfect. People have imperfections and sometimes incompatibility may occur -as it is even in marriages-. However, when you have each other, you will create a relationship full of happiness. This happiness does not have to be the smile on the submissive’s face but it also might be. The answer of the question in the beginning is of course.


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