I want to be a Submissive but I do not know if I am Suitable


It is one of the most asked questions.

The point that people usually deadlock is: “I do want to be a submissive, I desire it but I am not like that in my career/college/family life.”

Yes, probably you are not and still you may desire it.

I mentioned some details about this topic slightly in “why does one want to be a submissive?”

I want to be a submissive

First of all, there are no certain criterions to test if you are a submissive. Medicine is still desperate about this topic as it is in many of other topics. They have not been able to find something as pratical as a pregnancy test. There is a BDSM test that ı have prepared on bdsmakademisi.com, you can get a sketchy result by making it.


Firstly, try to focus on your emotion’s density. Think about how much of it you desire intensely by associating what you have read and heard so far. Will carrying out this relationship outside your bedroom please you? Think about it also.

Which aspect of BDSM does more arouse your attention, the physical aspect or psychological one? Sort them out.

When you take a glance at it, BDSM can interest you as a bedroom fantasy. Those who want to be a submissive are more than you think and some of them think as “ı can try it for once, so what.” Unfortunately, the relationships nothing more than one meeting is just an ordinary fuck buddy case. In addition to it, handcuffs, whips, ropes and several different BDSM materials are used.


“I want to be a submissive to a woman or man,” after this sentence if you use “but” as a conjunction, go on thinking absolutely. Your ego will start to pressure you. It will start to say that you are not that kind of person. Maybe it is right.

Discuss it with your ego. Your libido may say that you want to be a submissive. Discuss it with your libido. You may be interested in a small part of BDSM, but that does not mean that you are completely suitable to be a submissive. BDSM is a topic which hosts other topics in it, and also practices may differ depending on people. Before getting in contact with someone, give all the responds that you can give to yourself. If you like you can visit the pages “bdsm test” and “ddlg test” in the blog. Do not forget; the person you have written will not be able know you more than a couple lines. Before saying that you want to be a submissive to one that you consider to meet, you decide whether you want it or not. Do not let anyone else to decide on what you want at the moment.


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