Meeting the Submissive


This mostly is a meeting that more like an interview. The first meeting of a long-termed dominant-submissive relationship goes just like a job interview. The dominant wants to understand whether the submissive can fulfill the orders, the reason why she wants the training and whether they can make an agreement upon the submissive’s general ideas. This meeting cannot be referred as the beginning of the BDSM relationship, yet it can be said that it is a beginning of the relationship.

Actually, even though many things can be asked, three things certainly are asked in this interview.

Why do you want to be a submissive rather than a classic relationship?

If she did not think the reason why she wanted to be a submissive, it could be because of the fact that she is not sure what it means. Most of the individuals desiring to be a submissive presume that becoming a submissive is just to have sex shouting and screaming and to kneel. The submissive is to learn how to behave for her dominant and other people. Also, the submissive must be ready for taking punishments and even extra trainings due to the fact that she does not perform well in a session. It is all a part of becoming a submissive. If you keep browsing around the pages for further information, a profile about BDSM and Bondage will be formed.

Are you experienced? Or how much are you into learning?

Experienced submissive usually more appeal to the dominant. Experience means, submissive to know the process, course of events and what is to be applied. This saves time and effort for the dominant.

Even though you are inexperienced, to seem to be willing to learn is enough.

Are you able to follow the instructions?

A submissive is required to be willing to follow the orders and perform them. In this first meeting with the submissive, the dominant might want to test this quality, she/he wants submissive to prepare something for that meeting, wants she to wear something specific, etc. If the submissive does not know what to do or not willing to do, here is the posibility: Probably the submissive will not be very good in the training. Probably she will cause more problems than a dominant wants.

Submissives usually seek for dominants for fun. Do not forget, even though BDSM sometimes only used as a bedroom fantasy, it is not the real case. If you are looking for an experience just for one session, state it specially.


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