Serving a Tired Master/Mistress (Dominant)


Being a master can be a hard work mentally. Then, duties other than BDSM Relationship might also tire. When it is like that, how can a slave serve?

As a slave, there is no direct connection between your Master’s/Mistress’s tiredness and your training. But, do not forget; it is your duty to make them feel better and get them relaxed. After a long stressful day, a Master/Mistress wants to sense their slave’s effort to get them relaxed. You should keep their needs in mind and act by considering them. Many Dominants manifest what they ask for from their slaves in the beginning. For instance, when they enter, you may have to have your position like a sitting, standing up or prostration position.

However, when a dominant do not manifest their expectations, you should spend some time to understand how you can serve your best. After a long stressing day, help them to relax and afterwards try to talk to them to learn whether the things you’ve done are enough or not.

The reason why a slave might not be able to serve is usually lack of motivation. Generally, a slave do not know the cause of what they do, the question “what is it supposed to do” echoes in their mind. Ask your questions to your Dominant and end the question marks in your mind. Also, you can check  Goals and Motivations in BDSM.

To satisfy the needs of your Dominant, waiting them at the door ready might please them. Primarily, take your time to get ready for their arrival. You may add some special things other than what you are supposed to do. For example, if one of your duties is to massage their feet, you may hold their favourite lotion ready. You may clean the house before they arrive. If they are hungry, you may cook. If they use alcohol, you may pour their favourite drink into glass.


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