The Responsibilitys of a Dominant


Firstly, a dominant must be responsible for themselves and then for their submissive. A dominant should always improve themselves but why?

A dominant has a submissive who trusts and believes them.

A dominant has no shelter to take at tough times, on the contrary; he is the shelter. They should keep their balance.

A dominant has no right to decide wrongly. If they see something wrong, they should take action instantly. Accordingly, they should analize the problems elaborately and reflect up.

A dominant should suppress his/her ego about many issues, stay frosty in every situation and should not act impulsively.

They should understand and review the terms  love, loyalty and obedience. Otherwise, it can be a torture for the submissive. The submissive should have no hesitate for that and it is the dominant who ensures it. This is a significant part of the BDSM training.

Dominant-submissive relationship is a point that a humanbeings can only achive it by fighting against themselves. A person choosing this towards their pleasure cannot be a dominant or submissive. Although someone who likes being degraded and being tortured may be a submissive easily, we cannot say that they are completely a submissive, the term “submission” should be understood by them and they should do it willingly. An approach like “let’s first submit then we think the reason why we obey” is unacceptable. I have encountered it many times up to now, and we left after three days later. Consequently, it can be see that a dominant should have a steady character and fund of knowladge. Someone who has not made up their mind is not likely to understand other’s opinions.

When dominant spares time for themselves, only responsibility of the submissive is to sit still in front of their dominant’s feet. If a dominant cannot administer not only their submissive’s body but also their emotions, a dominant is not perfect.

One who is not able to dominate themselves cannot dominate others.


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