Why does one want to be a Submissive?


Why does a humanbeing want to be a submissive? Why does she want to be under control of someone else?

For those who are not submissives, the case of the desire of someone being under control of somebody else seems mysterious.

Let’s think it in another perspective. What happens if you assign the power of deciding and using initiative to your boss? The obligation of facing the results of the decisions and taking responsibility dissappears. The only thing that you should do is to make your boss happy and everything goes fine.

In BDSM and DDLG relationships, a submissive might be happy since they like to please in various ways such as emotionally, physically, sexually etc. There are certain definitions of what they should do and what they are going to do. As long as they follow those, the other person in the relationship cannot say why you do this. Because he is the one who says what the submissive should do.

Additionally, being submissive can be very strong sexually. For some, It is very exciting to be dependant on someone else fully. You do not know what is going to happen, your body and mind get amazed by what is going around you and you cannot wait to see what is going to happen next.

Think about what happens when you are being tickled. If you try to tickle yourself, nothing happens. Why? Because you know what is going on. However, when someone else tickles you, you may not be able to control the feelings. So when someone tickles you, hold their arm and let them tickle like that. You will see that you will not feel tickling, because you are in control someway; you have the ability of stopping them to tickle you since you hold their hand.

When a dominant takes over the control, the submissive generally is put in positions that she struggles and she might not be able to do anything there. Imagine someone being tied up to a chair, the dominant can do anything he likes. They can tease them, bruise them, they can leave them there and go away. The options are various and unknowable for the submissives which means they are exciting.

Forgetting about everything that happened in past and may happen in the future and focusing on what is going on at the moment and just enjoying it! The people who always get worried like to be submissives because of that. They say that they stop to worry and start to relax at last.

It is not a big shock to see an amazing submissive as a manager in her job. This is actually is most encountered profile of a submissive.

They relax when all the decisions are made for them even if that is only an hour a day. They may hear that they are bad or miserable. In a case such, they enjoy not being have to prove that they are not. Some likes to be humiliated in BDSM sessions because it lets them to isolated from their power and their control.

Also, a submissive, who is forced to push her limits, sees that someone will be willing to train her and spare some time for her. She feels secure and cared.

Why does one want to be a submissive, what is the thing which pushing her to obedience? It is various as the people who desire it. The only way to figure out the reason why you are a submissive or the reason why your partner is into, is to sit with them and talk about their fantasies without any judge.


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