Tackling with the Resistances of a Slave


    I know it sounds shocking and maniacal that a submissive resists. However, it might happen. This is a significant lesson for the dominant.

    How to deal with the resistance of a submissive is not completely clear.

    If a submissive resists, it is not only the submissive’s mistake but also mostly the dominant’s mistake or mistakes.

    If the list of your expectations from your submissive is too long, you cannot expect her to learn all of them at once. It is a learning process which extends over time. Hovewer, when you spend time together, telling what you expect from the submissive clearly by looking them in the eye will be useful. Eye contact is important. Later, when she does not do these, it is required to tell them the list of punishments which she can get acutely.

    Individual responsible, in a word, the dominant should know this list frankly. If you do not know what to teach to submissive word for word, you cannot blame on the submissive for not learning.

    If lay your cards of orders on the table and still encounter resistance, you should continue the punishments. These punishments are between both of you. They are personal, the suggestion of punishing them in “this” way is wrong.

    The thing that you should accept is the fact that the resistance in the submissive training is both because of the submissive and the dominant. The submissive is responsible for acting as it is taught.

    Even it is the last ditch of the dominant-submissive relationship, sometimes ending it is more accurate and easier than striving to train that submissive or being with that dominant.

    If this resistance becomes chronic, there is compliance problem between these individuals. It should not be proceeded.