The Submissive Training Program


It is impossible to say something about the process of the program and what is to do step by step, since the submissive training is a process that not completely but mostly varies in many matters depending upon the personalities of the individuals. It is not possible to reach everyone just with one method. So, first of all, special attention must be paid individuals to recognize each other in depth and in this meeting process utmost attention must be paid not to tell lies.

This program is a program that unites gained training secrets with experience with the modern BDSM techniques and well thought. Whether you are an experienced or inexperienced submissive, your abilities will be tested and improved by an experienced person.

The Submissive Training

  • Asleep desires arise and you get more excited than normal.
  • You can learn the real qualities of a submissive that every dominant wants.
  • It is all private, so no one knows your activies or desires.
  • You can explore the dynamics of dominant-submissive relationships, thus; you can satisfy the desires of the person in your next relationships and do not waste your time.
  • You can enhance your knowledge and experience about yourself.
  • The sessions happen in a suitable place for BDSM. Thanks to the atmosphere, you can get into reality fast.
  • Privacy and safety are agreed as the main principle.


Considering my career, in the same period, I train four submissives and a mistress.

Shortly, I accept four women in the mentoined program.

To join the mentioned program, you can learn the details by using the “Contact me” page.

For the mistress training program, you can learn suitability by sending an e-mail.


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