The Training Forms


    Unfortunately, this is not something to commentate by writing or talking. Because it would be wrong to say: “These are the traning forms and this is how to use”.

    A method which giving excellent results on someone could give bad results on someone else.  Traning is a process of gaining informations and skills.  Above all, in the beginning of this process, the submissive is required to be open-minded on the training and gaining what is given. If they are not in this way, it fits for nothing.

    Elementarily, there are three forms of training in BDSM.

    1. Reward – Reward Method: In this method, a reward is given for every true thing and everytime when the individual obeys. When the individual fails, no reward is given, thus; after a while, they just obey to get rewards. Neither a correct method nor suggested by me. It may be effective for one – two weeks but it disappear in one or two months. It is a method like a flash in the pan.
    2. Reward – Punishment Method: It is a method that ı also use. For every good and intended behavior of individual’s, a reward is given relatively to the behavior. For not intended behavior a punishment is given relatively to the behavior.
    3. Punishment – Punishment Method: This is a hard method. The individual who is trained cannot get any rewards, as long as the individual does what is asked, everything proceeds normally but the individual comes across with a punishment in their every mistake. After a while, the individual who is trained attains full obedience, actually; it is an efficient method. But this does not mean that the other methods are ineffective.

    Do not impose these directly, the submissive candidates may be suitable for every each of them or may be suitable for none of them.