What is the Problem If the Submissive Leaves?


Like every other relationship, master-submissive relationship may end. Do not mind the end of the relationship so much as lives ended. There will be minör trials and errors. Then,you will come across someone you do not want to leave forever. Maybe this time, they want to leave maybe not. In other words, these are uncertain, not something we know and can talk about right now.

Let’s say, you break up with the person to whom you have strived to dedicate your life and surrender yourself. You should not look for someone new instantly. You should wait a little. Take your time, time flies yet haste makes waste. Also, this might be a betrayal to your character.

I do not tell you to mourn for them. I do not tell you to cry and wail for 40 days and nights.

Actually, do not do these. It is a pity.

Now, let’s talk about a submissive seeking for someone new just after the relationship is ended.

  1. Their dominant was not able to train their submissive properly.
  2. Submissive might have been as rebel as they can, not to be trained properly.
  3. Submissive might not want this relationship from the beginning, they might be just trying it.
  4. Submissive might have had some problems.
  5. Submissive might want to get their dominant jealous (in this case you should consider the first article again).

There may be more articles but submissive cannot be blamed.

Let’s talk about the answers to the articles above.

  1. Dominant should have trained them properly.
  2. If dominant thought they had not show any improvement, the dominant should have ended the relationship quickly.
  3. Dominant should have observed whether the submissive is rebel or not, and accepted them as they are.
  4. Dominant is here to solve those problems, they should have.
  5. Check the first article again.

I approach to most of the events equally.

I do not find myself responsible of everyting but in basic things, as written above, submissive has no blame. Dominant is responsible to pick the right person and train them properly.

But do not go too far for i said like that.



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